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Sanitex® Soap Dispenser

Soap dispenser and hand-washing

Handwashing is the activity that has the single largest impact on reducing the spread of disease.

The Sanitex® Generic soap dispensing system has a unique patented weldspout feature enabling a choice of refill options to be dispensed from one universal dispenser, allowing system costs to be fixed, and reducing stock holding.

Hinging at both top and bottom, the Sanitex® dispenser eliminates the need for a separate arm/elbow pusher, ensuring ease of use for your customer.

Sanitex® refills are easy to install with patented "sealed until installed" pouch refills ensuring servicing the dispenser is both quick and simple.


  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Pleasantly fragranced refills
  • Dispenser available in white or chrome colour options

Refill Options

Sanitex® refills are available in high quality, pleasantly fragranced, luxurious liquid, spray or foam soap formats.

Also available is antibacterial liquid refill (red in colour) instant hand sanitizer - allowing hand sanitization without the need to rinse hands after use.