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Hand Dryers

Warm Air Dryers

In some cases, the best solution for hand drying is a warm air dryer - especially in unattended or very busy washrooms.

We can offer you a choice of two compact units which are reliable, powerful, quiet and fully automatic:

Warm Air Dryers - Mistral and  Whisper models


  • Industrial strength dryer
  • Can be used to dry the face and hands
  • Also available in chrome finish
  • Available to rent or buy


  • Compact, quiet dryer
  • Suitable for less busy washrooms
  • Also available in stainless steel finish
  • Available for outright purchase only

These products are also available in chrome and stainless steel.

Linen Towel Roller

Linen Towel Roller

Linen roller towels are still the most popular form of hand-drying in the washroom. They are considered to be the quickest and most comfortable method of drying hands, and from a hygiene point of view, is the most effective way of removing bacteria.

We offer a range of hand towel options, with a comprehensive service that makes sure there are always clean towels available in your washroom.

  • Fresh portion of towel for each user
  • Soiled towel never touches unused towel
  • No waste
  • Robust and durable machines
  • Usage can be quickly and easily checked
  • Towels regularly serviced by PWS

Our linen roller towel units are available in white or chrome.

Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispenser

PWS provides a choice of paper hand-drying options which are ideal for use in washrooms, kitchens, food preparation areas, garages and forecourts, etc.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive telesales back-up service for repeat orders, which means that once installed, you don't need to worry about servicing.

  • Choice of centre-feed rolls or a variety of individual hand towel systems
  • High quality absorbent tissue
  • Choice of refills
  • Dispensers keep paper clean and dry and away from contamination
  • Dispensers are lockable to prevent pilferage
  • Waste bins also available to eliminate mess

Many of these products are also available in chrome and stainless steel.