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Airoma™ Aerosol Air Freshener

Air freshener unit

A clean, hygienic washroom is greatly enhanced by a fresh and pleasant smell. Our aerosol systems are designed to neutralise unpleasant smells and control unavoidable odours to deliver a fragrance that freshens and enhances your washroom 24 hours a day.

The Airoma™ Aerosol air freshening system uses smart chip technology to provide reliable and customised dispensing of odour control fragrances seven days a week. Each aerosol refill reliably delivers 3,000 metered sprays. A full range of fragrances are available (see below).

Airoma aerosols provide outstanding odour control properties with clean fresh scents that permeate the air with subtle fragrances and reassure washroom users that the room is clean, safe, and comfortable.

The Airoma is a very compact design and is very efficient. It is easily programmed to select the number of days until refill replacement, and the hours of operation such as 8, 12, 16 and 24 hours a day, 5-7 days a week.

  • Choice of fragrances
  • Regular maintenance
  • Eliminates unpleasant washroom area odours
  • Battery operated
  • Spray intervals can be adjusted to suit area
  • Choice of chrome or white finishes

Airoma Fragrances

Airoma frangrances conatin Airomanol™ odour counteractant to neutralise malodours and deliver maximum frangrance and presence.

Airoma fragrances are modern and offer style, type and impact options to match all preferences.

All Airoma fragrances are complex long lasting and combine with Airoma I.P.E. dispenser to provide a unique and supremely effective system.

Aroma: Amber Shade
Amber Shade
Aroma: Babyface
Aroma: Citrus Tingle
Citrus Tingle
Aroma: Cool
Aroma: Exotic Garden
Exotic Garden
Aroma: Floral Silk
Floral Silk
Aroma: Herbal Fern
Herbal Fern
Aroma: Mystique