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Sanitary waste bin

PWS offers sanitary bins and a sanitary disposal service to fit your business needs. It is important to accommodate feminine hygiene products into your washroom for the comfort and convenience of your staff. Our sanitary products are modern and stylish. We will also visit your premises and service your sanitary waste products in a discreet manner.

It is a legal requirement that female washrooms have suitable means for feminine hygiene disposal. PWS offers practical and environmentally friendly solutions for all your disposal requirements.


  • Fully registered with the Environment Agency
  • Free Duty of Care certificate issued to every customer

Intima Sanitary Bin - Product details

  • Short, slim & compact 15 Ltr. design perfect for even the smallest cubicles
  • Slim & compact 23 Ltr. design for higher waste capacity requirements
  • Both units feature central opening to optimise capacity
  • Both units offer manual, foot pedal and electronic no-touch models
  • Dimensions: Height 550mm x Width 510mm x Depth 160mm


  • WORLD FIRST! Snap in/out Blister Pack
  • Unique reinforced easy-closing liners
  • Germicidal powder sachets to deodorise the bin
  • Robust 70 microns thick bags with unbreakable drawstring
  • Germicidal powder sachets to inhibit microbial growth and prevent offensive odour